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I’m watching my people,
Seeing my people cry, seeing them die,
Watching killers lie, all sly,

Police brutality, fed by a system,
The seed’s done been watered,
Time fi it wither and die,

It’s a future we all a strive for,
Our kids and their kids and their kids’ future we all a vibe for,

It’s for our role in the world, where skin tone, gender, or what you do in a bed nuh affect how dem treat yuh,
Go against the lane you’re put in and you’re yeeted, dem delete yuh,
Mistreated on the basis of your skin,
With no care for what’s within,
Seen as subhuman, inferior,
Exterior, surface levels, never the interior,

I cya take it no more,
Brothers and sisters cast aside by the hoes in power,
Born at the wrong address,
Ghetto people can’t get no redress,

Black man left to fend for himself on that cold and dirty floor,
My people in the streets fighting for a day we don’t have to cuss and gwaan bad for basic human rights anymore,
So much killing, blood’s spilling,
Kids growing up with an overwhelming feeling,
That lighter means brighter,
So much so we get it artificially, not seeing the power in our own,

Psst, browning,
Automatically she looks better, is better,
It’s confusion, baked into our psyche,
The first cheque we get, it’s for the latest Nike,
We gotta keep up, show out,
Our focus been wrong,

Distracted, duped to buy into our own demise,
I fantasize, for us to display strength in numbers,
Achieved by unity, an organized front,
We have enough enemies,
Not enough friends, allies,
People for the cause,
It’s a long time, my brothers, centuries, generations too great to count,
Long time dem a tell we government that we haffi learn fi do without,
Export raw, buy finished,
Borrow so much credit card power diminish,
Use it like we have it, like we Finnish,

How we supposed to rise against all this if we’re at war with our own kind?
It’s been a long time. I’ve had years to grow.
Unlearn what’s been taught, I’ve still got to grow some more,
Black bad, white good,
Even when we born in the same neighbourhood,
Jesus himself, lies, crime, the Angels,
Cat, the angry woman, the outcast child,
That’s so wild,
Imprinted into society,
We’re shampooed, conditioned, and styled into submission,
To accept a supporting role,
The first to die,
The token diversity guy,

2020 and its first black this, first black that,
Is it now that we’ve just begun to excel?
Get up to speed?
If you believe that, it must be some damn good weed,
Take heed,

All dem tell you,
Black man? No feelings,
Black woman? Too much,
To keep us in our place,
Confined to run a very particular race,
But its love that overcomes hate,
Bringing our brothers and sisters into the same space,
Open a book, watch a video,
Let that which was hidden inside pages,
Be the catalyst for liberation,
Those awakened to the truth, the reality that life is a brute,
Teach, be kind,

Protect the black woman, a rare, rare find,
Far more valuable than for momentary pleasure,
Not yours to use at your own leisure,
Homophobic but against a next man stick you wah measure,

Help organize,
It’s a long and perilous road,
Thar be monsters out there, weird,
Go out there without fear,

Knowledge is the healer,
Cauterizes the wound,
Man, I don’t know, but black lives matter got me in a mood,
I’m not trying to be rude, or a stickler, or a prude,

But why we still wearing insignia, bowing to an ancient foreign leader?
Their symbols of oppression, dem wear it with pleasure,
But, Jah know, a ghetto yute dem really wah pressure?

We in this together, is our cause, our lives,
Slavery done, but all over, people still a fight,
Relics of the past,

One day it ago over, it nah last,

But a now we haffi push it, kick it and bush it,
Break the glass ceiling, feel that wondrous feeling,
Level playing field,
Eliminate subjugation of all kinds,
The only way to true freedom,
Is to exorcise the demons from all a wi minds,

Egalitarian — Free — Author of the memoir, The Limit does not Exist. Available on Amazon in Print and Kindle — Central Banker and Economist but meh

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