This is one to read with an open mind, being careful to note that hyperbole, sarcasm, and other deviations from standard fare are weapons I quite like to use. I will not repeat my lengthy critique of other straight men here. For that, the podcast is below. I do hope, at the end, you listen to the podcast and add to the discussion.

So, I was on the receiving end of my first twitter drag today, and while I now have a greater understanding of the complaints of those previously on the receiving end, my opinion of the current state…

So I listened to the new Tory Lanez album, eponymously titled, DAYSTAR. Well, I listened to just enough to understand his headspace that would not have been afforded by reading lyrics from the album. And I was immediately and unreliably informed that I am a trash nigga and a performative hypocrite for doing so. For me, whatever Daystar Peterson decided to populate his self-serving album with would not have swayed my perception of him or of what ensued on the fateful night where ex-girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion emerged with gunshot wounds.

But woke culture has become a caricature of itself…

The purpose of releasing a song for most is to garner traction and views, with the eventual goal of earning dollars and cents. To think that music has become provocative in the pursuit of this purpose as a result of a degradation of societal values is to diminish its history. Madonna, the Queen of Pop, was turning heads and taking names back in the 1980s with raunchy lyrics that pushed the envelope.

You’d be forgiven to think music began its shift towards popular music level explicitness then. Harry Roy & the Orchestra of British persuasion struck a catchy chord in…

T o say dancehall music has not seen a lyricist with the level of creativity and slickness of Skillibeng, even in the infancy of his career, since Adidja Palmer, the vocabulary physicist himself, isn’t far fetched. Five seconds of research reveal that the earliest track currently posted to his Youtube channel was Rain, done on the Lifestyle Riddim, just over 15 months ago. Since then, the man born Emwah Warmington has applied his dexterous touch to the pages on which he writes, assuming his flow won’t torch fallen trees.

For many, the moment of announcement for Skillibeng was either 50…

I’ve never been one to deny that I’m an enigma to the core, so it’s never much of a surprise when people who’ve known me for some time don’t exactly have an accurate description of who I am. The theory is that, in maintaining ambiguity and mystery, you remain a step ahead.

At least those are the comforting lies and half-truths used to deflect from the overarching but in-plain-sight conundrum whereby you’re never truly understood. A sly chuckle at each misconception: introvert, quiet, reserved, serious, rigid, conservative. The list progresses along the spectrum of wrong, to ludicrousness, seamlessly.

For these…


Photo by Mattia Faloretti on Unsplash

I’m watching my people,
Seeing my people cry, seeing them die,
Watching killers lie, all sly,

Police brutality, fed by a system,
The seed’s done been watered,
Time fi it wither and die,

It’s a future we all a strive for,
Our kids and their kids and their kids’ future we all a vibe for,

It’s for our role in the world, where skin tone, gender, or what you do in a bed nuh affect how dem treat yuh,
Go against the lane you’re put in and you’re yeeted, dem delete yuh,
Mistreated on the basis of your skin,
With no care…

The battle of the sexes is fought in perpetuity; there is no victor, no reprieve, and no group compromise when an immovable object clashes with an irresistible force. This is the battle fought between men and women, respectively.

See woman. Like how woman looks. Attempt to talk (or catcall) to woman in the flesh, direct messages, or inbox. A billion such stories.

Noticed by man. Approached by man. Screen…A billion more stories.

This seems straightforward: a direct show of interest and decision to reciprocate, or decline, overtly or otherwise. …

Photo by Antoine Julien

The world is in upheaval as the murder of George Floyd continues to spark outrage against racial prejudice, and systemic, state and institution-reinforced oppression. For many of the beneficiaries of oppression, however, it is simply hating from outside the club.

It is easy to be scolding in the face of offense, ignorance, or when in the throes of trauma. Great change and, by the same measure, great progress, does not spring from the easy. Change will not manifest if we are silent, passive, or comfortable. And history may record 2020 as a year in which silence was no longer golden…

Cancel culture, perhaps fueled by the immediacy provided by social media platforms such as Twitter, had its roots forged from the advent of the #MeToo movement. The Me Too movement was birthed by an African American woman, Tarana Burke, on MySpace in 2006 to bring to the forefront the very real threat women face from men who perpetrate unsolicited sexual acts against women, usually from a position of power and/or influence. Simply put, cancel culture is a public take-down and undressing of a popular figure for some action deemed to be morally reprehensible — or in tweet-speak, problematic.

That’s a…

Llemar Nicholson

Egalitarian — Free — Author of the memoir, The Limit does not Exist. Available on Amazon in Print and Kindle — Central Banker and Economist but meh

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